Punjab Council of the Arts, Fraudster, Corrupt Executive Director Abrar Alam Exposed again but Boss is pleased to have another feather in his Cap!

Bunny December 18, 2022
Updated 2022/12/19 at 7:11 AM

(Reporter ) On 16th December, Friday Evening a national TV exposed the Fraudster Abrar Alam Again but this time upon the report of Chief Secretary Punjab office which is composed of 26 Pages. However, no action has been taken yet even by the Chief Secretary office as per previous practice when DG Population welfare Ms.Saman Rai was also involved in such illegal & unlawful promotion for personal gain too .Sources confirmed that Abrar Alam after the submission of Chief Secretary report has been given the charge of Executive Director on 19th September,2022.

Mr.Lodhi office has already been hijacked by corrupt elements who are manuevering the facts while submitting the matter of this very Organization in front of him. Recently , transfer of one of the most senior officer of Mian Attique after 45 days from Gujranwala showed the interest and capability of Lodhi. Meanwhile, it is also confirmed that officers have challenged the orders of illegally & unlawfully appointed & promoted Abrar Alam from the office of Chief Secretary office in the presence of his office report.

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