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Ahmad Nawaz Kamyana
Ahmad Nawaz Kamyana April 24, 2020
Updated 2020/04/25 at 1:06 PM

Tolstoy rightly said that every story started when a man went on a journey or when a stranger arrived in the town. What? Human beings tend to feel pleasure in those stories in which something other than usual has happened.

Outside the Box

Similarly, when we meet our mates and buddies, we do not talk about routine matters. We talk about something outside the box. ‘Outside the box’ sounds chilly but what does it mean? it means there is a particular ’cause and effect’ process, the expected outcomes (doing x will result in y).

Being outside the box involves breaking this presumed outcome and doing something novel and genuine. And the story we are going to read today is of a young entrepreneur who thinks and acts outside the box.

Who is Abdullah Asim

Say Hello to Abdullah Asim, a young Pakistani Entrepreneur who has surfed against the waves. He developed himself from a naive lad into a professional digital marketer. At the age of 20, yes you have read it right.

Born in a middle-class family of Bahawalpur, Abdullah started his living as a regular boy does in Pakistan. He attended school to gain a basic education. It was 201_ when internet thing was rising up in the locality. He also joined the stream but with a unique and different perspective.

Mentation and Divergent Thinking

While the masses were joining it for the sake of entertainment, he dove in. But he enrolled not to ‘get entertained’ but ‘to entertain’. This 180 turn of perspective split-shifted his life on the pathway of success.

Masses kept getting entertained but this guy made a rocky 7700 Rs. Sounds fascinating? For a ‘bacha’ in the 8th grade earning money on his own? But it’s true. He did that!

Internet Money

Internet money as most people know is way too addictive. Once you earn a cent, you get to know the infinite potential hidden in it. It not only satisfies the materialistic needs but also quenches the thirst for information.

Same was the case with our boy, he stuck to it and pursued his career as a Digital Marketer.

Hardships and Adversities

Not having a 9-5 job sounds cool but it’s not that good in reality. For times, he was left with no money at all. The people taunted him but he didn’t give up.

He knew that everything will go alright.

He knew that this world is for believers.

He knew that things were going to change for good.

Success Awaits – Manager at Coboot

Being creative and innovative helped him get off the beaten track. Due to this persistence, he is acknowledged as one of the best social media marketers in the state. Plus he has also co-founded a digital marketing company known as Coboot Media.

Today, Abdullah Asim serves as a Social Media Manager at Coboot Media. Coboot helps brands prosper and taste success. It provides Branding, Web Design & Development, and Digital Marketing services for its customers.

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