Hilton Pharma supports NIBD for Covid-19 Plasma Clinical Trial


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KARACHI – Hilton Pharma is supporting the National Institute of Blood Disease (NIBD) in conducting a clinical trial where blood plasma collected from recovered COVID-19 patients is transfused to moderate and severely ill patients of COVID-19.

The initial results of 14 patients released by Dr Tahir Shamsi of NIBD, shows a promising response of up to more than 80% recovery rate; Patients were administered with plasma therapy at the stage of moderate to severe disease and their condition was eventually prevented from further deterioration or progressing to a stage requiring a ventilator. These initial outcomes also conform to the results of similar ongoing trials across the world. The trial will continue to have enough local patient data to help the medical community in developing guidelines about the use of plasma therapy in COVID-19 patients.

“It is quite heartening to see these initial trial results as they will eventually create enough evidence for doctors and scientists to overcome the imminent threat looming over the world, at large,” said Dr. Tahir Shamsi. “We are extremely hopeful that plasma therapy may serve as a great breakthrough. This is an orthodox way of treatment used in other pandemics in the absence of a proven treatment.”

Dr.Tahir Shamsi started this initiative in Pakistan and to support his efforts Hilton Pharma provided a research grant and partnered technically with the clinical trial team. The trial is being conducted in various hospitals of Sindh, Punjab, and KPK.  The plasma of a recovered patient contains antibodies which when injected in an active patient of COVID-19, helps in fighting the virus and provides the patient with sufficient time to develop his[or her]own immunity to combat the virus.

This trial of national importance is approved by all Provincial Governments, Bioethics Committees, Ministry of National Health Services Regulations & Coordination, and Pharmacy Services of DRAP. The trial is also registered globally with WHO and FDA trial sites.

As a multifaceted initiative of Hilton Pharma “Care in Crisis”, many other activities are underway. Examples of such activities include support in setting up isolation wards, disinfection of clinics, providing disinfection gates in hospitals, and distributing thousands of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to health care professionals across Pakistan. Additionally, Hilton Pharma is also distributing ration bags to the deserving strata of society to help the deserving in these difficult times.

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