PCB approves whooping surge in pensions of national cricketers

Bunny May 20, 2022
Updated 2022/05/20 at 10:05 AM

LAHORE – Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Friday announced an increase of PKR100,000 across all three pension categories under the PCB Players’ Welfare Policy.

The increase means cricketers who have played in 10 or less Tests will now receive a monthly pension of PKR142,000, players who have played between 11 and 20 Tests will receive PKR148,000 and players who have featured in 21 or more Tests will receive PKR154,000.

In a major amendment to the policy, the PCB also announced the pension will be transferred to the widow in the unfortunate event of a Test cricketer’s demise. Previously, the legal heirs of the cricketer were only entitled to receive a onetime payment equivalent to 12 months’ benefit calculated according to the bracket under which the pension was being paid to the cricketer.

The PCB Players’ Welfare Policy was last updated in January 2019. To ensure there were no future delays in the increase in the pension amounts, the PCB also confirmed there will be an annual inflation increase.

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