Illegally transferred & planted Punjab Arts Council, contractual Deputy Director involved in abuse of Power

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LAHORE – For last few months, the Largest cultural body in Punjab has become the battle field due to some poorly planted & maneuvered  decisions. Recently ,few applications have been surfaced on social media platforms where employees of open air theatre, Bagh e jinnah ,PUCAR categorically intimating the Higher authorities of PUCAR about the unprofessional, unethical dealing & behavior of illegally transferred contractual  Deputy Director Asad Ahmad  recruited against the post of Bhakkar Arts council, Bhakkar.


On 11th October 2021, Asad Ahmad allegedly entered the premises of Open Air Theatre Bagh e Jinnah ,Lahore with the official of Punjab Arts & Craft Cultural complex who was involved in theft of official documents of OAT. Asad Ahmad Deputy Director allegedly cross the official jurisdiction by abusing  the power and threatened the watchman at  gate of Open Air theatre. Reportedly ,he further allegedly shout about the dire consequence i.e. dismissal from service of watchman. Asad Ahmad Deputy Director recruited for Bhakkar as per contract  Appointment policy 2004 & Published advertisement by PPSC on acquiring about his misbehavior by the staff of OAT called the 15 and started to pinpoint the employees. Further ,staff of OAT also called police. Later on an officer Mughees Bin Aziz and senior officials settled the matter with the staff & later on promised with Staff that Deputy Director Bhakkar Asad Ahmad will not  come to OAT. However, Head Office Admin diary branch  under the direction of Executive Director again refused to entertain the application of employees of OAT about incident took place in the morning .  Thereafter, application was forwarded by employees through postal registry service.

Applicants are quite disturbed by the personal victimization & biased approach  of newly posted Head of institute, sources confirmed.



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