“Nero & Castro ! Culture is burning “

Rana Muhammad Naeem Manj
Rana Muhammad Naeem Manj June 22, 2021
Updated 2021/06/25 at 9:24 AM
"Nero & Castro ! Culture is burning "

To seek justification for the crime has become the cultural incongruity. Being the habitants of this very planet we are just blinking eyes and propagate it as the miracle. Can it work for our generations? The stars are always there to lull the moon and eventually eyes change the colour. However, in this whole journey of mankind the redness of the eyes will remain a surprise element. Existence is all about the thinking but we have been lapidated.

These lores could not spread in the era of cultural hegemony. Has truth turned into a myth? Our travelogue will disclose the phenomenon soon. In Pakistan, we are facing the same situation where there is no way out. Freebooters are everywhere especially as colonial graduates in public offices. They are not ashamed off what they are practicing for so long. Their neo vulture instinct instigates them to carry on for survival. Recently, noise of talent hunt has attained finality when Nero of the Punjab didn’t stop to play flute. A piece of newspaper in shape of advertisement has been blowing the trumpet of cultural champion.

Culturally blind functionaries are involved in playing with the health of the people by not abiding the orders of NCOC. Moreover, a pig headed approach by Nero while announcing supervision of the whole process is nothing but a matter of routine. Punjab has been facing the cultural identity crisis due to pseudo intellects and eventually cultural hegemony. Nero is pleased to announce the Punjab culture TV despite the all illegal practices those have been supervised by him. Culture is also caged by the respective Districts Administration as well to commemorate them as the off springs of colonial regime. Apart from the designed mutilation of the culture, the cultural institutes are playing their henpecked role before planted hierarchy.

This is almost the butcher shop where assistant Abrar Aalim like characters are assisting in cultural molestation to the interim Rajas. Service provider assistant upgraded to the in charge of one section where he examined the cultural aspects before the molestation in the court of invader Raja. Not only Abrar but also some hairy characters are the napkins of this courtyard who have sold the identity to acquire their legitimacy. It seems even the suffix like Castro cannot change the Scenario. They all are the puppets in the hands of colonial graduates and their assistants. Slogans with weak intent cannot make the authority answerable. However, incompetency and thirst for money enable colonial vultures to exploit the idea even at one’s doorstep. Punjab’s Nero!you can’t be the Poris or the Mir Chakkar.

Your Castro has nothing to do with cultural identity while planted Raja has budget,assistants and private Secretaries to manipulate the truth. Culture will take its revenge one day and then your excuse to be caged by the colonial graduates and assistants will not be listened. Are your taste buds prepared enough to taste the constitutional rights? Remember! Culture is the self-sowing phenomenon and practitioners of cultural hegemony can’t tolerate cultural orbit.

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