Mir Punjabi Mela 2021 underway in Lahore

Bunny December 31, 2021
Updated 2021/12/31 at 6:25 PM
Mir Punjabi Mela underway in Lahore

Mir Punjabi Mela belongs to cultural colours of Punjab. Literary discussions have been arranged to open new aspect of Prof.Ali Arshad Mir’s poetry as well as present dilemma faced by Punjabi literature & culture. Professor.

Ali Arshad Mir Award has been awarded to Zahid Zarpalvi,Riffat Waheed, Sabir Ali Sabir Shabbir Shahid , Safdar Wamiq, Tajindr Hrjeet, Dr.Muhammad Ayub in different categories of literature including Poetry (Nazm & Ghazal),Prose, Translation,Research, Children literature & Religious literature.

An exhibition including the works of Abdul Mateen , Akram Warraich,Nauman Hashmi, Umar along with talented artists from Hunarkada has been displayed in the PILAC gallery. Mela will continue on 1st January,2022 including literary sessions, theatrical& Musical Performances by Nooran Lal,Goshi Talib & Muslim Shagan.

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